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His decades-spanning career includes turns as an underground dance magazine publisher, DMA writer and in demand marketing man, so DJ / Producer Oscar Poche knows a thing or two about the benefit of cultivating good industry relationships. In fact, he thinks it's so important that he created a super-networking event designed to give new artists, models and songwriters a chance to practice this valuable skill while advancing their own careers. We caught up with him to find out about his inaugural Media Music Expo event, what he suggests if people won't work with you and get his ideas on the key to successful networking.

oscar poche on networking

June 2002

​1. You're currently producing the Media Music Expo which takes place in New York June 27-30th, why did you decide to create this event and what do you hope to accomplish?

Oscar Poche:
We are filling a void in New York right now. When we were coming up in the business, we had the New Music Seminar. It's where we went to network and be seen as we learned about the music business. It was the main event at the time. The kids coming up now, don't have this so this will be their New Music Seminar. But to us, it's also a business.

2. Dance music and artists are popping up in unusual places - from HBO & national commercials, to movie and television projects, do you think the doors to mainstream exposure are finally opening and if so, how can we keep them open?

I'm getting tired of this cliché and urban legend that dance music does not sell - It's part of pop culture. Yes, other genres are healthier, but the doors have been open for many years now. People are just blind and don't understand the mechanics of business and how it works. The cats that are producing remixes for big acts, doing tours and producing events are getting the dough because they have learned what it takes and they understand what needs to be done. If you continue to think underground and small, as in you never leave your block...you will never see the world for what it is.

There are millions being made annually - TV commercials have been using the music for years now, this isn't new. It's about who you know and about making moves - not sitting around bitching about why your track isn't being played by Hex Hector on the radio, or why you can't get a break. Gee.....you gotta work for it....and work ethics are very lost on this MTV Cribs generation. People want it too easy!

3. What are the keys to successful networking - the handshake, business card, conversation, presentation materials or an all-expenses paid night on the town after everything is over?

Follow up!!!! Most people NEVER follow up. They send a package and you NEVER hear from them again.... that's why true networking is a lost art among this generation. People are shy, afraid of rejection...etc. etc. It's complete and utter bullshit! If you don't cry as a kid ...you get NO titty milk... it's as simple as that! Going back to when you were a child, you want something - ask for it. Show people why you deserve a shot. If they still don't want to work with you, START YOUR OWN SHIT! Do your own party, make your own record, promote your own stuff. All we have now are cry-babies. When I was coming up, we went around to every party, records in hand, and got our stuff out there. And played.

4. Now for the shameless plug, tell us about your company - Media Services NYC, who are some of your clients and what it is that you do?

We market and promote music, films, and produce events. Clients range from Sony to Pioneer to the NY Toyko Anime Film Festival. Artists we have promoted include: Sarah Brightman, ATB, David Morales, Urban Magic, Slammin' Boys, Chris Fortier, DJ Irene, Darude, and many more.
5. What's next after the Expo or will we be seeing you in Disneyland?

Vacation, then we start putting the next one together for JUNE 2003...