Before rap or bubble gum R&B came to dominate the modern sound-scape, it was dance-friendly soul music that inspired the development and subsequent flourishing of the city's underground clubs. Places where mixed races, sexual orientations and incomes went to dance, commune and party to the beats of now classic records – long into the wee hours of the morning. That music and those original events (think: The Gallery, The Loft, Paradise Garage or The Choice) have since gone, but still inspire a global contingent of culture purists who carry the torch for the genre, parties and projects that shaped them.

----- UNDAGROUND -----

With the launch of Undaground on September 10, 2001,  we began the journey of documenting and exploring those innovators, legends and emerging talents who truly represent the New York-genus of soulful club culture in all its colors, flavors and even BPMs. Allowing the history and future of dance music legend to be told in first-hand interviews, party mixes, event and music reviews in our vibrant webzine format. Resulting in a carefully curated view of the scene and a living record of its varied best.

-----   The CHOICE AWARDS   -----

Named for the 80’s David Mancuso Loft space revived by DJ/Promoter Richard Vasquez as The Choice, the Undaground Archives CHOICE Awards were born to acknowledge the best of underground/after-hours club culture and then celebrate their very above-ground appeal.The innovative program’s all digital nominating and voting experience, reached our global contingent of tastemakers and party people wherever they were. Letting these unique influencers decide the top soulful dance projects, parties and stand-out talent that make the culture thrive.

Then, our annual NYC presentation events welcomed the industry elite to accept and present awards, while being ecstatically celebrated by their peers, fans and new friends alike. Originally part of the annual Billboard Dance Music Summit festivities each Fall, The CHOICE Awards became a stand-alone event with our fifth, The Girl Power Gala Edition. Packed with talent - both on and off the stage - it was a star-studded event hosted by Ultra Naté, musically supervised by Louie Vega & Ralphie Boy Muniz, featuring solo ingenue Anane, produced in partnership with Kevin Hedge’s (Blaze) LISTEN magazine and graciously hosted at NYC’s Club Cielo.


Softly relaunched in 2016, Version 2 picks up where we left off at a time when the community is closer than ever. Our archive features highlights from our original version as well as a fresh look at the culture now well into the new millennium.

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