CHOICE AWARDS VI - now selecting nominees

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choice awards II - 2003

In our first full year since the tragic events of September 11th and as we endured an extended period of recession, the silent call for healing was heeded by the winning artists and projects in this year’s CHOICE Awards. Despite all the behind-the-scenes drama bringing this one to the stage, we were glad to be able to highlight the artists, musicians and DJs that make the beat go round regardless. Proving that real musicians and quality songwriting remain important, these projects demonstrate that we have the stuff to make it through as dance music culture redefines itself with even more interesting projects to move us forward. MORE...

FEATURING :: Lorenzo Tyler, Spiritual Life Music, Jeannie Hopper, jojoflores, Tyrone Francis, Robbi Walcott, Ian Friday, Anané

undaground archives

choice awards v - 2006

For our 5th version, the CHOICE Awards unleashed the Girl Power Gala Edition highlighting the diverse female talent that make the beats go round. Produced in partnership with new culture magazine – LISTEN, our host Ultra Naté, opening DJ Donna Edwards (Shades of Dance) and our opening act Anané made the men all pause from the gate. We also memorialized the lives of dance legends Willie Ninja, Adam Goldstone and Sabrynaah Pope with soul-stirring segments anchored by Barbara Tucker & The Ninjas, Bruce Tantum and Voices who closed the show with "Can You See the Light?" Thanks to Joey Vega (aka SERVE) for creating our artistic power girl! Just press playfor a live version of the flavor...

FEATURING :: Ultra Naté, Barbara Tucker, Anané, Louie Vega, Kevin Hedge, DJs Spen, Pope & Oji, Kerri Chandler, Dennis Ferrer, Robbi Walcott, Lynnette Smith, Dawn Tallman choice awards - history

The first of its kind and designed to celebrate the soul of dance music, the Undaground CHOICE Awards represent the people’s selections of the top places, projects and artists in world-wide underground dance music. Through open nominations and global voting, our electronic community determined who earned a place among the industry’s elite each year by deciding the winners, then helping celebrate them at our annual presentation events. Featured during the Billboard Dance Music Summit, the CHOICE Awards quickly became a much anticipated part of New York’s then thriving multi-culti club scene. From our first presentation event at Lower East Side venue, Opaline (now Drom) to our 5th Annual Girl Power Gala Edition at Cielo, the CHOICE Awards offered an unparalleled chance to honor, network and connect with your favorite legends and meet emerging talent at our ecstatic, one-night only events. 

Use the links below to experience the magic again and to go everywhere from here for a look, listen and updates on our beautiful community stil thriving now well into the new millennium.

choice awards III - 2004

The third time was the charm as the CHOICE Awards v3 were presented at the Union Square Ballroom Lounge. Happening on the same night as the Dance Music Hall of Fame and more Billboard Dance Music Summit fun, we were honored to welcome and celebrate our dedicated, international contingent of house heavyweights – on the stage and in the audience, in such high-style. Photo exhibits from Tina Paul and Roy Morrison lined the walls and we kicked things off respectfully with a "Musical Prayer" answered. Since it's always an adventure getting there, get started here for  MORE...

FEATURING :: Donna Edwards, Miss Patty, Ambrosia, Deli-G, Keith Thompson, DJ Pope, Master Kev, Maurice Bernstein, Julius the Mad Thinker, Kim Lightfoot, Tyrone Francis, jojoflores, Louie Vega

CHOICE awards I - 2002

Before rap or bubble gum R&B came to dominate the modern sound scape, it was dance-friendly soul music that inspired the development and subsequent flourishing of the city's underground clubs. Places where mixed races, sexual orientations and incomes went to dance, commune and party to the beats of now classic records – long into the early morning. That music and those original events (think: The Gallery, The Loft, Paradise Garage or The Choice) have since gone, but still inspire a global contingent of culture purists who carry the torch for the genre, parties and projects that shaped them. With the first presentation of the CHOICE Awards, we begin the journey of celebrating those innovators, legends and emerging talents who truly represent the New York-genus of global club culture in all its colors. MORE...

FEATURING :: Blaze, Mel Cheren, Keith Thompson, Kimblee, Tina Paul, E-Man

 choice awards IV - 2005

CHOICE Awards version 4 tore the roof off club Discotheque with a spirited celebration that was full of surprises.Birthday boy DJ Andre Collins served a vibrant opening set, veteran talent Strafe “Set It Off” around the room as the Tiger Beer open bar did the rest. We counted Singapore’s DJ Elian Habayeb, Baltimore’s Jada, New Jersey’s Diamond Temple and globetrotting DJs Danny Krivit, Quentin Harris, Jellybean Benitez, Mel Cheren and Blaze (fresh off the plane in fact) among our diverse group of performers, presenters and attending winners to appear over the night before Stephanie Cooke closed us out on the highest of highs.  LISTEN HERE to savor the flavor for yourself...

FEATURING :: Andre Collins, Stephanie Cooke, Quentin Harris, Jellybean Benitez, Anané, Diamond Temple, Cordell McClary, Bruce Tantum, Joann Jimenez, Sammy Rock, Danny Krivit, Mr V